Architectural & Engineering Services

We are the address for reputable architectural & engineering firms when it comes to getting the right space programming & area allocation of hotels, restaurants & events & conference centers.

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    Owners choose us because we maximize the value of their hotel.

    With our market presence in the international arena, Nashwan Group’s provides a seamless integration of branding as far as architectural and engineering
    competencies are concerned. We have partnered with various firms which targets creative and comprehensive designs to uphold individuality in each establishment built. Our services practice close collaboration with our partners from rough blueprints of their envisioned premises to concrete structures.
    We have not only expanded into closing nine (9) hotel and resort project deals in Saudi Arabia, but built close-knit partnership with DNA Designs-Poland for hotels all over Berlin, Munich, and Amsterdam, and TMT-Turkey, providing top of the line services to Bosphorous, Sultan Ahmet, and Kempinski. We also work with many four-star upscale companies from Singapore, Egypt and China.

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