Investment Banking/Financial Services

Our hotel management services include:

Through our investment arm, we have a good track record in creating investment opportunities and raising private equity. Nuzul, Bahrain – Ascott Arabia, KSA – Russian Rail Road – Malaysian Hajj Fund .
Powered with management techniques and elaborate processes, our team safeguards topnotch production of outstanding investment outcomes, tailor-fit to client needs and objectives.
With the expansion of the hospitality market’s breadth in operations, Nashwan Group renders accountability towards our clients, clinching strategies in creating investment opportunities and placement memorandums. We conduct in-depth research to identify quality potential partners, and monitor the legal process of creating a joint venture, gearing above market returns on their investment equities.

Past Transactions: Underwriting (40%) shares of a start-up hotel development company - Private Stock Company in Manama, Bahrain.


We have a proven track record of securities underwriting. We raise investment capital from our pool of partner & client investors on behalf of corporations and investment banks that are issuing securities (both equity and debt capital). Our services of underwriters are strictly used as part of a “closed-stock” company or LLC offers.


Raising Private Equity

We raise Private Equity though limited partnership (LP) or limited liability (LLC) where we commit our own
money to the funds we create. We team up with financial sponsors to identify, execute, and manage
investments in privately-held operating businesses; all the more, reach out to trusted sources of
institutional capital.


Creating Investment Consortiums

Setting out a clear operating framework is what we carefully look into when engaging into consortium deals. Preliminary agreements are utmostly considered to address issues on bid negotiations, appointment of advisers, syndication rights, and equity commitment principles among others.

We specialize in creating different types of consortiums/syndications according to the available transaction or opportunity. Some of our common consortiums/syndications are:

  • Joint Venture Consortiums: We create joint ventures, where we act as lead investors & contribute our specific expertise and resources to different aspects of the transaction.
  • Strategic Partnership Consortiums:  The group is typically led by one or more private equity sponsors with support from a strategic investor or other industry partner providing specific expertise or resources. Strategic investors may have a particular focus on a portion of the target business or certain assets, which may be subject to an on-sale agreement to the strategic investor or separate governance or operational arrangements.
  • Traditional Private Equity Syndicate (or "Co-sponsor" or "Club Deal"): Two or more private equity sponsors or, increasingly SWFs or pension funds, work together as partners to effect a transaction. Co-sponsors typically work actively as equal partners to design, diligence, and execute the transaction and manage the investment, but the group may include one or more "lead sponsors".
  • Co-investment (or "Passive" co-investment): Typically offered by private equity sponsors to existing or prospective investors. Co-investors remain passive, economic participants and typically invest through a sponsor-managed entity.

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Investment Banking/Financial Services

As a hotel investment company, we course through proper handling alongside sustainability and efficiency. Our approach in dealing with the industry does not limit in buying and selling, but we are driven to build topnotch hospitality products, having each company’s assets fully accounted for.
Our group has grown and established prestige for over 2 decades, retaining the strategies on evolving and making each deal count.

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