Owners Services

Our hotel management services include:

Handled by long-serving professionals, we have acquired and disposed assets across borders, working in full dedication to equip our clients with clarity of purpose in extending investments.
We have exclusively partnered for eight (8) hotel brands of the Spanish Conglomerate HOTUSA, completed mixed-use development projects within Saudi
and other major European countries, constituting an international market presence for Nashwan Hospitality.
Having successfully established a concrete track record of efficiency and top of the line expertise for more than two decades, we further uphold impact on significant and well strategized investments.

Hiring Hotel Operators

We encourage hotel owners and investors in Saudi Arabia to understand and appreciate the added value of international hotel operators. In line with this, we believe long-term partnerships essentially work further than the usual leasing of hotels by hotel operators and passing the furnishing, licensing and operations afterward. In the international arena, management goes hand in hand with the owner, in profit and loss – a mindset we take pride in instilling to our clients.

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Negotiating Hotel Contracts

As we bridge local to global competitiveness, we thoroughly look after legal processes between hotel owners and international operators. With numerous forms of hotel contracts i.e. letters of intent, term-sheet agreements, hotel management agreements, technical consulting agreements, and license agreements, we provide hands-on conversations to our clients and to further explain the norms of such contracts. All the more, we produce summaries of these agreements to simplify and give a comprehensive understanding of what we are working on.

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Owner Representation

Providing well-rounded deals for our clients are what we take into account towards effectuating business owners’ interests and objectives. We carefully look into all the important factors upon the process of operations and its variations to achieve definite compliance with our partners.
We look closely into the array of requirements essential to ensure complete supervision and coordination with the target market. To achieve this, we lean towards accommodating a range of specific areas to handle, where we purposefully create and provide proposals for services

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